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Blown-In Insulation

Blown-In InsulationToday’s high energy costs make it a must to make your home energy efficient. Older homes with attic insulation measuring 4'-6' carry an R value of R12-20. Today’s R value (a measure of thermal resistance - the higher the R value the greater the insulating power) based on the Ontario Building Code is now a minimum of R40!

Topping up your attic insulation with fiber glass loose fill insulation allows hard to reach cavities in your attic to be covered. Fiber glass insulation has many benefits. It will not lose its R rating over time. It is non-combustible, will not support mold growth and is not treated with fire retardant chemicals.

The evaluation is generally quick and painless. Our insulation department can usually arrange an estimate within one business day. Our inspectors are trained not only with respect to maximize energy efficiency but also to ensure there is adequate air sealing, moisture control and ventilation. The attic space must create a positive air flow between the soffit and roof vents.

The installation of fiberglass insulation can be completed through an inside attic access or through the roof vents. Whenever possible we will co-ordinate it with the completion of the roof, if we are doing both. The process generally takes only a few hours. Our trucks are fully equipped to remove any contaminated insulation.


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