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Flat Roofs by Complete Roofs in Burlington

Flat Roofs

Complete Roofing Solutions has been installing single ply flat roof membranes for almost 25 years. Our experience has taught us that installing the right product for residential flats is crucial. Many of our competitors use products that can be less expensive but are not as reliable. EPDM and TPO provide system options that have few or no seams and a fully adhered system that is secured without a heat gun.


EPDM is a high performance synthetic rubber with a proven reliability record and numerous characteristics that make it ideal for residential flat roof applications.

EPDM is available in 20’ wide rolls vs. other flat roof materials that are limited to 3’ wide; the fewer the seams the fewer the potential entry spots for standing water
EPDM can be secured mechanically, fully adhered or ballasted. No torches! No potential for fires!
EPDM provides superior wind lift protection because of its flexibility and how it terminates at the roof perimeter
EPDM has a life expectancy of 20 plus years

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

TPO is the fastest-growing segment in the flat roof industry and winner of the product of the year from Commercial Products Magazine. TPO offers similar benefits to EPDM plus:

Welded Seams: TPO uses hot air welds (540C) that result in a physically fused system, making the seam up to 5x stronger than with EPDM (tape and glue)
Green: TPO membrane is highly reflective. White TPO exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star performance TPO is also 100% recyclable during the production process.
Colour: TPO is available and in a dozen or more colour options

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